International Conference

“Sport Science and Sport as a Regular Component of the Life Style”

01.- 03.11.2016     Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt



Scientific Committe


Prof. Dr.  Ahmed Salah Koraa


Prof. Dr. Anita Hökelmann


Prof. Dr. Vasiliki Zisi


Prof. Dr. Maha Ebeid


Prof. Dr.  Elke Knisel


Prof. Dr.  Hashem Kilani


Prof. Dr.  Ingunn Fjørtoft


Prof. Dr. Azza Elwassiemy           


Prof. Dr.  Marco Narici


Prof. Dr.  Rado Pisot


Prof. Dr. Tayseer Al-mansi


Prof. Dr.  Hagen Wäsche


Prof. Dr.  Mohamed Jarraya


Prof. Dr.  Nuno Leite





All the members of the committee sector of Physical Education, All the members of the committees promotions (Training -Teaching - Administration) Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities


Prof. Dr. Kamal Darwish

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Sobhyi  Hassanein

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Mohamed  Hammhmy

Scientific Committee of Sports Management

Prof.Dr. Bahaa-Aldin Ibrahim Mohamed Salama

Prof.Dr. Gamal Mohamed Ali Youssef

Prof.Dr. Riad Zakaria Menshawy

Prof.Dr. Zaki Mohamed Mohamed Hassan

Prof.Dr .Tarek Mohamed Ibrahim Badr–Aldin

Prof.Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Majid Mohamed

Prof.Dr. Amro  Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed

Prof.Dr. Kausar Elsaeed   Mohammed Mougy

Prof.Dr. Mohammed Ahmed   Abdullah Ibrahim

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Abdel   Aziz Ahmed Salama

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Nasr   El- Din Radwan  Ibrahim

Prof.Dr. Massad  sayed    Sayed Awais

Prof.Dr. Yahya Fikri   Mohamed Mahrous

Scientific Committee of the School Sports

Prof.Dr. Abu Naga Ahmed   Ezz Eddin Mohamed

Prof.Dr. Ahmed Salah   Al-din Muhammad qrahaa

Prof.Dr. Blanche Salama   Matthias

Prof.Dr. Zainab Ali   Mohamed Ali

Prof.Dr. Sameh Abdel   Raouf Mahmoud Youssef

Prof.Dr. Diaa Edin   Mohamed Ahmed Alazab

Prof.Dr. Aziza Mahmoud   Mohamed Salem

Prof.Dr. Magda Mohamed   Ismail Sobhy

Prof.Dr. Mahmoud   Abdel-Halim Abdel Karim Ahmed

Prof.Dr. Mostafa   Hussein Ibrahim Bahi

Prof.Dr. Wahfeka  Mustafa Hassan Abu Salem

Scientific Committee of Sports training

Prof.Dr. Ahmed Hady   Youssef Al-Badawi

Prof.Dr. Ehab Mohamed   Fawzi  Albedawee

Prof.Dr. Sawsan Mohamed   Abdel Moneim

Prof.Dr. Saleh Mohammed   Saleh

Prof.Dr. Adel Abdul   Basir Aly

Prof.Dr. Abdel-Rahman   Abdel Basset Madani

Prof.Dr. Abdel Aziz   Ahmed Abdel Aziz Alnemr

Prof.Dr. Magdy Mohamed   Abou-Zeid

Prof.Dr. Mohamed   Ibrahim Shehata Mohamed

Prof.Dr. Mohammed Jaber   Ahmed Briika

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Lotfy   El Sayed Hassanein

Prof.Dr. Massad   Aly  Mahmoud Ismail

Prof.Dr. Mostafa Kamel   Hamad Aly

Prof.Dr. Nader Mohamed   Mohamed Shalaby

Prof.Dr. Wajdi  Mostafa    Fateh  Sayed