Faculty of physical education, Assiut University, Egypt won the organization of the Eleven International Conference Alexandria March 2015

Faculty of physical education assiut university, Egypt won the organization of the Eleven International Conference with the international network of Sports and health (INSHSS). The faculty got 10 votes and the Faculty of Physical Education University of Borno in the Czech Republic got 8 votes while 10 votes Refrained from voting during the conference, which was held in Alicante, Spain, Prof.Dr Gamal Mohammed Ali make a presentation on the Egyptian monuments and another presentation about  Assiut University and the faculty of Physical Education in Assiut and then concluded with a presentation on the city of Alexandria, which suggested for the next Conference to be held in, Then, Dr. Jitka  make a presentation about the Czech Republic and the University of Borno , Dr.Henrietta Dance , the head of the International Network of Sport Sciences ( INSHS) conduct the vote  including Universities  from France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Croatia, Serbia” and Egypt won with 10 votes,  Prof.Dr. Gamal thanking all present and invited Dr. Jitka to attend and participate in the conference during March 2015 in Alexandria This is the first conference to be held outside Europe as it held 10 times in different countries (Bulgaria 2005 – Germany 2006 – Solvania 2007 – Austria, 2008 – Norway 2010 – Estonia 2011 – Croatia 2012 – Greece 2013 – Spain 2014). The network includes 39 international universities from 22 countries. The conference will be held in Alexandria March 2015 and more details will announced later.