Submission Guidelines

We recommended that you:

Check spelling and punctuation line by line.
Check names of authors and editors in the reference list and cross-check with citations within the body your article.
Check the accuracy of citations, quotations, tables and captions to diagrams, illustrations and maps.
Please provide tables using the Microsoft Word table menu.
Please refrain from using Word Drawing objects. Figures should be in JPEG or PNG format only.
Please use Times New Roman throughout your article, including tables and figure captions.
Please use Times New Roman throughout your article, including tables and figure captions.
Paragraphs shall be single-spaced. They should be typed in Times New Roman 12pt.
Allow approximately a one inch margin all around the border and an empty single space between each paragraph. In other words, do not fuse the paragraphs together.


Title of Your Research: (14pt Times New Roman, Bold, Align text to the center).

First Author, University Name, Country (10pt, Times New Roman).

Second Author,University Name, Country (10pt, Times New Roman)

Abstract (12pt, Times New Roman): The abstract should be one paragraph only, no more than 250 words. It’s 12pt, Times New Roman.

Keywords (12pt, Times New Roman): Up to four or five keywords separated by commas.


Introduction: (14pt, Times New Roman, Bold)

The manuscript should include an introduction that establishes the purpose and importance of the report and should cite research reports that support key points. Content should be organized by headings. References must be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are cited, using superscript numerals within the text.

Methods:The researcher presents the methodology he used, the sample, data collection tools, analysis the steps that he followed to get the results.

Results:The researcher presented the most important results he found and supported that by tables and graphs.

Discussion:The researcher review the conclusion reached and compares them with previous studies and scientific references.

We ask that references be formatted in alphabetical order.

Formatting examples are below.

Doreen.M.Miller (2002): Work and Mental health, an Employers Guide, RCPsych publications, (pp 136).