Volume 1


code Research Title
HC 03 The effect of organizational values and organizational justice at the level of personnel’s performance at the directorate of youth and sportMilad Mohamed Agilla
Mohammed Ibrahim Ali
HC 04 Effects of a Recommended Program Using Motor Exploratory Activities on Acquiring Health Behavior for Primary School StudentsMohamed Al-Azab Behery
HC 05 Blood Count, Blood Glucose and Anemia responses during 10m and 30m SCUBA DivingAhmed Helmy Saad
HC 06 The Effect of the Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises on The Special Physical Abilities And Skill Performance Level for Fencing PlayersHatem Fathallah Mohammed Hefny
HC 07 The impact of a training program using visual exercises on some physical abilities and the results of the matches for wrestling JuniorMahmoud Attia Bakhet Ali

Said Mohamed ben Ahmed

HC 08 Training program using the method of resistance for the development muscle strength of the grip and its impact on the effectiveness of turns the center and chest skills for wrestling beginners under 13 yearsSeham Farouk Ismail Mahdi
HC 09 Kinematic Analysis of Shoulder Throwing among Ten-Year-Old Children Using Estimation and the POSSUM Model as an Indicator of Radial Errorkhaled abd elmowgoud abd elazeem
HC 10 The Effect Of Active Recovery on The Blood Lactate Concentration After Maximum Intensity Exercise Najla Ibrahim Mohamed
HC 11 Evaluation of advertising campaigns for Egyptian advertising agencies sponsors of integrated sports servicesYasser Hassan Hamed

Marwa Ramadan Mahmoud

HC 12 A Proposed project for Management the Risks in the Egyptian Swimming FederationHani Mohamed Zakrai

Ehab Mohamed Emad

HC 13 Educational program for the development of integrated some basic skills in soccer and in accordance Models NLP first year students at the Faculty Physical Education, Assiut UniversityAhmed Eid Adly
HC 14 A Training Program to Develop Compound Harmonic Capacities and its Impact on Some Basic Skills of Volleyball among Female Students in the Preparatory Sports SchoolAhmed El-Sayed Said Ashmawy
HC 15 The Effect of Using the K-W-L Strategy on the Cognitive Achievement and Performance Level of the Students of the Faculty of Physical Education on the Vault tableTarek Salah Eldin Sayed
HC 16 Design an Electronic cognitive Test in Weightlifting according to the cognitive Levels of Bloom for Faculty of Physical Education StudentsMohamed Ebrahiem Soltan
HC 17 Management authorization and it’s role in developing leadership skills at youth and sport directories in North Upper Egypt GovernoratesTareq Farouq
HC 18 The Effect of a Walking and Relaxation Program on the Percentage of Serotonin Hormone Secretion for Elderly PeopleBecker, T.&Schega, L.
HC 19 The Effectiveness Of Educational Software Using Cognitive Maps On The Level Of Cognitive Achievement And Skilful Performance For Some Basic Skills Of HandballAhmed Khodary Mohamed Ahmed
HC 20 Multimedia Educational Program for Handling The Technical Performance Errors of some volleyball skills using qualitative analysisWafaa I ALRajhi

Mohamed M Abd-ALZaher

HC 21 The effect of a training program according to the representational patterns of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming on some physical variables and the numerical level of the 110 metre barriers playersKhaled M. Abdelkarem
HC 22 Moral Intelligence and its relation with the level of religiosity for teachers of Physical EducationEsmat Mohamed Sayed
HC 23 Traits of the Sports Personality According to Blood TypeShaimaa Salah Sayed
HC 24 The effect of qualitative learning and its relation tolearningswimminganddeveloping feeling of Self- Safety for beginners Comparisonstudy(Egypt andFrance)Ahmed Azmy Emam

Hussein Mohamed Abd elHalim

HC 25 Effect of Exercise Program Using Isokinetic Training on Stem Cells and Scoring Level of swimmersAbdullah Farghaly Ahmed

Abdel Monaem Mohammed

HC 26 Training Program To Develop Speed And Accuracy Of Performance Skills For The First Hockey Team Of Sharkia In Season 2011 – 2012Amr Mostafa Al-Shetehy
HC 27 The Effect of a Standardized Physical Load on Some Elements of Physical Fitness, Physiological Variables, and the Level of Skilful Performance for Novice Handball PlayersEman Mohammed Ahmed Aboufrekha
HC 28 The Impact of a Training Program Using Visual Exercises on Some Visual Abilities and the Performance level of Systematic Attack and Counter Attack with Football PlayersHaytham .Mohammed .A
HC 29 Evaluating the Efficiency of Billboards’ Sponsorship in Football World Cup Championship (FIFA 2010)Haytham .Mohammed .A
HC 30 Modernity effect on sport values changes – analytical study of Olympic modelLatifa Abdalla
HC 31 Relationship between Leadership Behavior Pattern and Motivation of Physical Education Teachers to Work: Comparison between Arab Spring States and GCC CountriesHiba Mohamed Rateb Abogazia
HC 32 A predictive mathematical model in the light of some evidences of technical indicators of 100 meters sprinting racersAml Anwar Abdul Salam Hassan
HC 33 A modern technological software to explore defense tactics through handball matchesHanan Mohamed Ahmed Geiesa
HC 34 Assessment of Practicum Course Supervisor’s Role in Faculty of Physical Education Students Preparation in the Light of Quality and AccreditationEman Sayed Ahmed Mohammed
HC 35 Actn3 Gene And Its Relationship With Muscle Strength As An Indicator For The Selection Of WrestlersEman Sayed Ahmed Mohammed.
HC 36 The Impact of Using E-Learning on the Cognitive Achievement of Handball StudentsTarek Mohamed Gaber

Osama Ibrahim Emara

HC 37 The effect of workers empowerment on job satisfaction in the Egyptian Handball UnionWalid Ibrahim Ahmed
HC 38 Biomechanic Treatment to Evaluate some Motor Skills for Children from Age of (3 – 5) YearsRehab Hassan Mahmoud Ezzat

Mahmoud Farouk Sabra AbdAllah

HC 39 Improving performance of complex motor skills and reducing anxiety in children during competitive handballSobhi Ata
HC 40 A Proposal Model for the Sports Tourism Map In The Arab Republic of EgyptHeba Saad Mohammed Abdel-Hafez
HC 41 The Effect Of Using Cross- Training On The Level Of Physical Fitness And Co-Ordinative Abilities For Soccer JuniorsFatma Ahmed Hasan Basuny
HC 42 The impact of using E-book in basketball on skill performance and cognitive achievement for first preparatory grade studentsHassan Ahmed Al-Shafee

Amr Mostafa Al-Shetehy

Riham Amin Hamza

HC 43 The Effect of an Educational Program on the Development of Perceptual Motor Abilities and Basic Skills of Volleyball among Students of Elementary EducationReham Hamed

Mayada Mohamed Ali Al Alakhdar

HC 44 Comparative Kinematic Study Of Standing Staggered And Square Over Head Throw In Of SoccerRania Morsy Abu Al Abbas Abdul Aziz
HC 45 Comparative Kinematic Study Of Standing Staggered And Square Over Head Throw In Of SoccerAbir Alsayed Ahmed Mohamed
HC 46 Design And Evaluation Of A Mental Training Program For 16-17 Years Old Sprint Relay AthletesKusnanik, NW
HC 47 Sport- Psychological Care at the Olympic Training Centre In Saxony- Anhalt: The “Model of Magdeburg”Abdelaziz A. Elnemr

Nariman M. Elkhateb

Abdelrahman A. Mohamed

Osama A. Elnemr

HC 48 Ana Maletić’s School For Contemporary Dance Students’ Attitude Towards DanceEl Sebaee, Moustafa

Osama Omara

HC 49 Physical Education In Ancient India – A PerspectiveMoustafa Ahmed Abdelwhab El-sbaay
HC 50 Student Health Self-Evaluation And Gender Differences At The University Of ZagrebIbrahim Hussine Ibrahim

Sherin Galal Shehata

HC 51 Impact Of Different Warmup Procedures On A 50-Yard Sprint SwimMoamen Abdel Aziz Abdel Hameed

Shaymaa Louly Mohammed

HC 52 Analysis Of Dietary Habits In Junior Representation In Sport GymnasticsDr/ Hrncirikova I., Kumstat M., Kapounkova K., Koprivova J.
HC 53 Analysis of the kayak forward stroke according to skill level and knee flexion angleDr/ Chong-hoon Lee

Dr/  Ki-jeong Nam,

Dr/ Jin-Seong Choi

HC 54 Medical Evaluation For Physical Education And Sport Of  Trade School Pupils In PolandKról Halina, Nowak-Starz Grazyna, Zboina Bozena Markowska Malgorzata, BISKUP Malgorzata, Ciesla Elzbieta, MAKIELA Ewa, zięba ewa,  Szpringer Monika
HC 55 Espn Wide World Of SportDr/ Ridvan EKMEKCI, PhD
HC 56 The Relation Between Body Mass Index (Bmi), Physical Activity Of Students And Gender DifferencesDr/ Jelka Gošnik

Dr/ Natalija Špehar

Dr/ Ksenija Fučkar Reichel

Dr/ Marjeta Mišigoj-Duraković

HC 57 Lifelong learning- the key to active life of the elderly PolandDr/ Szpringer monika           Dr/ Zboina Bożena

Dr/ Bakalarz-Kowalska Barbara Nowak-Starz Grazyna

Dr/ Król halina            Dr/ ciesla elzbieta

Dr/ Piotrowicz  regina

HC 58 Handedness Differences In Eye-Hand Coordination And, Choices, Simple Reaction Time In Women’s National Handball PlayersDr/ Aida al awamleh

Dr/ Taiysir Mansi

HC 59 Effects Of Motivational Music On Selected Physiological And Psychological Measurements During Moderate Intensity RunningDr/ Nurul Azuar Hamzah

Dr/ Mohamed Saat Ismail

Dr/ Adam Abd. Malik

HC 60 Effect Of Fat Mass On The Rate Of Energy Consumption And Fat Burning During    Physical EffortDr/ Ehab Ahmed Elmetwally Mansour
HC 61 Training programme of bilateral and unilateral Terminal work and its effect on the muscular system and the digital level of shot put players in terms of bilateral deficitDr/ Ahmed Salah Qoraa

Dr/ naglaa Ebrahiem Atia

HC 62 A proposed plan of the managerial creativity for the sports leadershipDr. Ahmed Azmy  Emam
HC 63 Rehabilitation Program of the Wrist Joint affected with Strain of the Hand ball PlayersProf. Ahmed Salah El-Din Mohammed Koraa

Dr. Mahmoud Farouk Sabra AbdAllah